Brian Ferdinand

Partner, Technical Director, Development Lead

Brian Ferdinand

Brian Ferdinand is an interactive designer, developer, educator, and user experience specialist. He is a lifelong learner and always excited by the changing nature of the design, technology, and development fields.

Brian started in the digital space years ago working for a large internet company handling technical support as well as creating and implementing training programs for overseas employees. His second career path saw him migrate to the auto sector working as a master trained mechanic for Mercedes. Brian specialized in working with on-board computer systems before embarking on his third career path which saw him return to his roots in the digital space.

Brian returned to the Pacific Northwest to pursue a design degree, taking a Bachelor of Science in web design and interactive media from the Art Institutes. During that time he jumped into all forms of design and development, from web and print to furniture and product design. If it’s creating something for a human to interact with he’s right in the thick of it.

He loves being at the forefront of the industry helping to push its boundaries while giving back to the community. Brian has held adjunct faculty positions at the Art Institute of Portland, and he has helped put together a coding club for local children enrolled in Portland schools.

After spending over half a decade in the industry working for larger studios, Brian stepped into a role as a partner in Shop bringing with him an in-depth background in design, development and user experience.

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