Branding that matters.

Build a valued and compelling brand through the power of storytelling.


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Web Design & Development

Technology and connected devices are an important part of how we live. Positive user experiences start with understanding people and evolve through good, actionable web design and web development.

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Branding & Design

Branding is about getting people talking. It may start with a logo and a website, but your brand encompasses many other touchpoints that, when cared for, lead to innovation, growth, and change.

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Messaging & Marketing

Building your brand means getting the word out there. You need clear messaging that helps create engagement, introduces people to your message, and builds brand advocacy through measurable growth.

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Building a good brand on your own is hard.

It can be frustrating or downright overwhelming trying to build a brand that gets noticed. There’s competition at every turn which means your marketing has to work harder than everyone else.

Everyone deserves good branding and clear, concise marketing materials designed to deliver.


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We guide our clients to success.

Our StoryBrand certified guide leads the Shop design team — helping our clients clarify their messaging and craft meaningful marketing systems that support and grow their brand.


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Logos of Clients that Shop has done work for

The path forward.

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Discover your story

Uncover the narrative that drives your brand.

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Create meaningful marketing

Reinforce that narrative in every piece of marketing you produce.


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Stand out from the crowd

Build a customer base that gets it.

Ready for change?

Grow with clear branding, marketing materials, and messaging.


About shop

We are Shop, a web design and graphic design studio based in Vancouver, WA. We’re a small group of designers, developers, writers, and makers who have banded together with the goal of creating beautiful design.