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Think workshop, just easier to pronounce.

We Were Drawn to the Pacific Northwest.

Lovingly referred to as “The Couve”, Vancouver is the northern sister city to Portland, Oregon. Despite being separated by the mighty Columbian river and a state line, our close proximity to the Rose City gives us access to the same resources as a major metropolitan city. It’s true that we’re smaller than our southern neighbor, but our commitment to meaningful design and our dedication to collaborating on amazing products is every bit as serious as what you would find in a bigger city.

We are Shop!

We are a group of designers who have banded together to pool our talents. As a team with diverse skill sets, we are better able to solve the needs of those we work with. Our goal is simple—creating beautiful, meaningful design solutions for our partners. Whether it’s website design, branding, digital marketing or another service we offer, we’re invested. We take a personal stake in everything we work on and we pursue that with the goal of helping our friends grow their businesses and realize their goals.


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What Does It Mean to Work With a Vancouver Wa Web Design Agency?

We may be a small suburb living in the shadow of our Oregon-based sister city, but we share much of the amazing creative DNA that makes Portland such a wonder of the northwest. Southwest Washington is home to some of the finest and most creative agencies in this region, and we are happy to be counted among them.

Working with a Vancouver-based web design agency can be a powerful experience. Deeply understanding your brand and crafting meaningful strategies to make real change is at the heart of what we do.


Interactive Design Services

Web Design & Development

Web design can be a complex endeavor. There are a lot of moving components when creating a website that properly describes your services in a meaningful way while growing your audience. As the internet becomes more complex, partnering with a professional design studio is more important than ever.

Branding & Identity Design Services

Branding & Design

Your brand is the impression your product or service creates with your customers. Are you trustworthy? Are you likable? How are you different than everyone else? These are the questions customers ask, and it’s your brand’s responsibility to answer. Investing the time to ensure your brand tells your story is key.

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Digital Marketing Services

Messaging & Marketing

Digital marketing is about helping people understand how your products and services. You’ve built a brand, and now you want to tell your story. It all starts with the words you use. Once you know how to tell your story, you can build the tools that will show people how to survive and thrive.

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About shop

We are Shop, a web design and graphic design studio based in Vancouver, WA. We’re a small group of designers, developers, writers, and makers who have banded together with the goal of creating beautiful design.