Custom Web Development

Going beyond the basics.

Custom Web Development is about thinking outside of the box and pushing the envelope.

The concept of custom web development is pretty simple. You need to do something on the web that doesn’t fit into what might be considered “traditional web design“. You can describe what you’re looking for, but can’t find the right people to make it a reality.

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Perhaps you need a customized database developed to track specific types of information for your sales force, maybe you have a complex third party service that needs integrating into your website, perhaps it’s something completely unique—a moonshot if you will. No problem. These are the types of projects we live for.

Evolving with the times

Doing More With…More

While the solution to your problem may be simple to describe, the internet can be a complex place. Our websites have to do more today than they did a few years ago—things that Wix and Squarespace just can’t give you right out of the box.

Custom web development can be the bridge transforming your site from a static, informational environment to an interactive tool designed to support the needs of your internal and external clients.

How we work

It Starts With Understanding the Problem

In order to bring your vision and needs to life, we have to understand it as if it were our own. We take a collaborative approach when working with clients and everything we do starts with strategy and a solid process.

Shop is multi-disciplinary. We work across a variety of technologies and languages. Whether you need to build a specialized WordPress plug-in, develop a custom CMS or build that next great Javascript application, we can help with your custom web development needs.

We're ready to help!

Have questions about a project or our process? Send them to us, and we'll get back to you shortly.

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We are Shop, a web design and graphic design studio based in Vancouver, WA. We’re a small group of designers, developers, writers, and makers who have banded together with the goal of creating beautiful design.